We have 16 very excited students working on the FLL Animal Allies challenge this season. They have built their robots, and deep into programming for the table challenge and are hard at work on solving their research problem and preparing their presentations. They show us their understanding of Core Values every day with their awesome teamwork and enjoyment of what they are doing together.

The MLK Brainstorms Ditto, made up of  Gianna, Rosalee, Dani, Karina, Natalie, Isaac, Bobby and Vincent, are working on improving interactions between our friends the bees and their caretakers, the beekeepers.

The MLK Brainstorms Allies, made up of Simon, Nick, Alicia, Carmel, Alana, Mac, Cameron and Luke, are working on improving interactions between worms and humans in their “Save the Worms” campaign. Their solution has great benefits for humans as well!

Both teams will be performing their solutions in a presentation at the MLK PTA meeting on November 16, at 6:00. The public is invited to come and learn about this program and watch our amazing Robotics students representing 4th – 7th grades.