Cell Phone/Other Electronic Devices Usage


Though students are permitted to carry their cell phones during the school day, use of cell phones are prohibited during school hours. Cell phones must be turned off and removed from visibility during school hours. Forgetting to turn the cell phone off is not an acceptable excuse.

1st Offense

  • Teacher confiscates and returns at the end of the day.

2nd Offense

  • Phone is sent to office and may be picked up by the student after school.

3rd Offense

  • Phone is sent to office and parents/guardians must pick up phone.

The teacher reserves the right to allow student use of phones/ other electronic devices during class time.

If a student is in the administration office or the student services building for any reason, they may not use their cell phone. Administration will contact parents if necessary and/or the student can request to use the phone in the office to contact their parent. Cell phones will not be released with permission over the phone by the parent or guardian.

Finally, by bringing a cell phone or other electronic device to Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 School, you are assuming responsibility for that device. The school is not responsible for any lost or stolen cell phone or electronic device.