Student Dress Code

The dress code at Martin Luther King, Jr. K-8 School has been developed to set a standard that is considered appropriate for a K-8 learning environment.  All students are expected to be neat and clean and to wear apparel that is appropriate in a K-8 setting.

The following are not considered appropriate at Martin Luther King, Jr. K-8 School.

~ No bare feet, open toed, open heeled,
strapless shoes.
~ Students should dress to allow for
participation in ALL activities, including
physical education and recess.
~ Leggings may only be worn under
shorts or dresses. They may not be
worn as pants.
~ Hats are to be worn with the brim or bill
facing toward the front. Hats are to be
removed while indoors. Hoods must
also be off the head when indoors.
~ Tops/shirts must cover the upper body
including the belly button and back.
Spaghetti straps, mesh shirts, half
shirts, open back dresses/shirts will not
be allowed. T-shirts must be worn under                                                           sport tanks, such as basketball
jerseys. No undershirts should be worn
as outer wear.
~ No pajamas
~ No excessive baggy, sagging, torn or
tattered pants or shorts are allowed at
school. School personnel will
determine what is considered
inappropriately sized clothing.
~ Shorts must be hemmed and below the
child’s fingertips with hands extended
at the sides (the same is true for skirts
and /or dresses; girls wearing relatively
short skirts and dresses should wear
shorts as well.
~ Clothing advertising violence, drugs,
alcohol, racial remarks, profanity,
gangs (gang colors) will NOT be
~ Any staff member may hold a
student accountable for adherence
to the dress code.

Students dressed inappropriately will be sent to the office to change or the student’s parent/guardian will be called and asked to bring a more appropriate set of clothing. Should a parent/guardian not be accessible, the office staff has a limited supply of clothing that the student can wear.  Please keep in mind that we are trying to create an environment that promotes learning and need your support.