Student Dress Code

The dress code at Martin Luther King, Jr. K-8 School has been developed to set a standard that is considered appropriate for a K-8 learning environment.  All students are expected to be neat and clean and to wear apparel that is appropriate in a K-8 setting.

The following are not considered appropriate at Martin Luther King, Jr. K-8 School.

Inappropriate sayings or pictures on the shirt (violence, sexual, gang-related, poor taste, etc.)  School staff decides what is considered inappropriate.
Shirt/tank top or dress with spaghetti straps
Basketball jerseys with no shirt underneath
Exposed midriff
See-through tops
Pants that are sagging
Shorts or skirts that do not extend to the tips of the fingers when the student is standing
Open-toed or backless shoes (e.g., sandals, flip-flops, etc.), high heels
Belts that extend more than 6” beyond the buckle
Hats or caps inside any building
Tank top undershirts
Low cut tops
Wallet chains
Sunglasses in class
Visible bra straps
Clothing and/or accessories that are generally accepted as gang-associated
PE uniforms in classes other than PE

Students dressed inappropriately will be sent to the office to change or the student’s parent/guardian will be called and asked to bring a more appropriate set of clothing. Should a parent/guardian not be accessible, the office staff has a limited supply of clothing that the student can wear.  Please keep in mind that we are trying to create an environment that promotes learning and need your support.