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Student Dress Code

The dress code at Martin Luther King, Jr. K-8 School has been developed to set a standard that is considered appropriate for a K-8 learning environment.  All students are expected to be neat and clean and to wear apparel that is appropriate in a K-8 setting.

The following are not considered appropriate at Martin Luther King, Jr. K-8 School.


Cell Phone/Other Electronic Devices Usage

Though students are permitted to carry their cell phones during the school day, use of cell phones are prohibited during school hours. Cell phones must be turned off and removed from visibility during school hours. Forgetting to turn the cell phone off is not an acceptable excuse.


Lost and Found

Lost items are kept in two barrels near the stage in the Multipurpose Room.  Unclaimed articles are sent to the PTA Clothes Closet prior to the Winter Holidays and at the end of the year.


Medication at school

Students may not bring medication, including cough drops, to school without authorization.  Medical authorization forms may be obtained from the school office and must be renewed each school year.  This form must be signed by both a parent/guardian and the physician.

When a medical authorization form is properly filled out (must be signed by parent/guardian and physician, it will be placed on file with the school) the student may take the necessary prescribed medication at school under the supervision of the clerk, a school nurse, the office manager, or the principal.