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Teri Alicaya



Students must have Library Authorization form on file before they can check books out of the Martin Luther King, Jr. K-8 School library.  Parents/Guardians are responsible for all library materials that are checked out by their students. Students who owe for lost or damaged library materials will not be allowed to check out any more materials until the lost or damaged materials are paid for. Payment, replacement, or other arrangements must also be made prior to the release of report cards for students who have not returned library materials.



Students must take proper care of any textbooks issued by the teacher. Students and their parents/guardians are responsible for replacing any textbooks that are lost or damaged.  The cost to replace individual textbooks is available from office personnel.

Since many textbooks are required and are used in class each day, students are encouraged to carry some type of book bag or backpack.  Textbooks are NOT to be stored in P.E. lockers.  Lockers are to be used for storing P.E. clothes ONLY.

8th grade students must have all text/library books returned or paid for by the end of the year before they will be allowed to participate in the Promotion ceremony.