About Martin Luther King, Jr. K-8

About Martin Luther King, Jr.                K-8

The Martin Luther King, Jr. learning community has committed itself to become a leader in utilizing instructional technology in the classroom.  The learning community continues to support the arts program during school and after-school.

Martin Luther King, Jr.is offering GATE cluster classes for grades 2-6 along with a service learning component.  The middle school has a lot to offer with honors classes, a wide range of electives and a competitive sports program.  The small learning community allows our staff to gain greater insight to help mentor and guide our students with a rigorous academic program. 

Our school is committed to meeting the needs of all of students by providing quality first instruction.  Our teaching staff works hard to accelerate and provide intervention with a wide range of differentiation strategies.  The goal of our staff is to provide engaging instruction with rigor and relevance to make our students prepared academically and socially for the challenges of tomorrow.