Principal’s Message

 We are very proud of all of the accomplishments at MLK.  Our staff is committed to making an impact on student learning by providing a wide range of learning experiences. We welcome everyone to visit our campus and you will immediately see and feel that our learning environment supports student learning. We have worked very hard in helping our students to develop the necessary skills to have a greater voice for their thoughts and ideas. We are at the forefront in integrating technology as a way to change our pedagogical practices and to increase student engagement.

 Having a wide range of technology such as Ipads, Ipods, Mac Book carts, and a HP computer lab is just a starting point. Our staff has had a wide range of professional development to incorporate the wide range of technology at our school into their daily practices. Our staff has worked hard to put technology in the hands of our students to create a wide range of products that demonstrates student learning.

We have tried to add innovative practices to help provide a wide range of STEM activities to help our students connect learning to the real world. We are always looking to provide our students with opportunities that will work as a pathway to make our students college and career ready.

Communication is the key to providing all of our stakeholders with a world class education. Our open door policy allows parents an opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns. We host a Principal’s forum as an apparatus to share our vision, but also to get the invaluable feedback from our community. We are looking to expand our means to broaden our communication capability in the near future.

The synergy of the parents, teachers and students make Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 School a wonderful place for student learning.

Reginald Brown